SOCPDFtool application
In need for a versatile tool for converting PDF to ISO 19005 compliant PDF/A format, merge PDF files, attach documents to the PDF/A or sign PDF files via a script tool ?

The SOCPDFtool supports all of that, and is developed for use in a GxP environment.

Key features
SOCPDFtool is a Swiss army knife tool to use in connection handling of PDF files.

  • The tool can transform PDF files, to PDF/A and merge multiple PDF files, and save them as a PDF/A
  • Attaching files to PDF/A is possible via scripting
  • The tool enables bulk signing of PDF/A files from script, identifying PDF origin
  • SOCPDFtool preserves the paper size and orientation, and can be called using batch scripting, nd can be used in conjunction with SOCopy, providing audit trail and version monitoring ability for files transferred between computer file shares
  • The tool can run from device or can be installed
  • Returns meaningful error messages whenever an error situation occurs, to enable meaningful error handling from scripts

Usage samples
The tool was originally designed to make production equipment auto generate batch reports, containing the batch raw data also. This enables users to have both human-readable and machine-readable data in the same file, and via the ISO 19005 defined PDF/A standard format provides format protected data integrity.

Today the tool has evolved to include some additional nice features, making the tool somewhat more versatile, and providing additional tools for data integrity.

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Requests, Featurs or issues
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You can call for a price at +45 4738 2038

Product road map
Simple transfer from PDF to PDF/A (picture) + attach files to PDF/A

Transfer from PDF to PDF/A (text), merge PDF files, sign PDF/A files (May 2020)

Configurator and interactive signature faceplate (2021)