PDF to PFD/A3u
Key features of the PDF to PFD/A3u solutions:
  • PDF to PDF/A3u is a Swiss army knife tool to use in connection with a PDF file
  • The tool can merge multiple PDF files, save it as a PDF/A-3u
  • The tool preserves the paper size and orientation
  • Can be called using batch scripting
  • Can run from device or can be installed
  • The PDFA3u tool can be used in conjunction with SOCopy, providing audit trail and version monitoring ability for files transferred between computer file shares
  • Returns meaningful error messages whenever an error situation occurs, to enable meaningful error localization

Usage samples
The tool was originally designed to make production equipment auto generate batch reports, containing the batch raw data also. This enables users to have both human-readable and machine-readable data in the same file, and via the ISO defined PDF/A standard format provides some degree of data integrity. Today the tool has evolved to include some additional nice features, making the tool somewhat more versatile, and providing additional tools for data integrity

Application SOCPDFSetup.msi
Data sheet SOCPDFSigner Data Sheet
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