SOCePRINT - Paper to PDF converter
Tired of old paper- and thermo prints ?

SOCePRINT is a box that converts any PCL, PS or ACSII prints intended for a RJ45, RS232 or USB connected printer into a human readable and portable PDF document transferred to a file share. In addition it can include a scanned version of the document contents in a text file for transfer to other computer systems such as LIMS or MES systems, and add annotations (e.g. sample or batch ID) to the output PDF file.

SOCePRINT is developed for use in a GxP environment.

Key features
SOCePRINT can supply this functionality:

  • Digitize prints from paper to PDF
  • Scan and include computer readable print contents
  • Validated transfer of output file
  • Auto-add header/footer contents
  • Suport interactive header/footer contents
  • Include the raw format file
  • Ensure data integrity for paper prints
  • Supports USB, RS232 and RJ45 LAN input
  • Supports domain integration
  • Single sign on with Kerberos protected user credentials
  • IT Security can be documented via pre-defined protocol
  • Comes pre-configured and fully tested from supplier

Usage samples
Everywhere where paper prints needs digitalization, e.g. in the lab environment where older equipment still create paper printouts, where thermo prints are used or in production where older equipment utilizes various paper prints.
Data sheet SOCePRINT datasheet
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Bug reporting, customer support and feature requests
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Product road map
Full blown product with loads of possibilities and an easy accessible user interface

To be determined by customer feedback