SOCopy application
SOCopy Trouble fulfilling regulatory requirements for validated data transfer in a simple way?

SOCopy can simply copy data from one drive to another, verifying the transfer with a checksum, and document the results in a small PDF report.

Key features
No install required, can be run from a USB stick or similar.
Documentation (URS, FS, development test) is available.
Template test (IQ/QQ) protocol contents available.
Comprehensive CMD script samples available, including monitoring of file age for triggering data transfer.
Running in qualified use in the industry already.
Interactive mode for verifying of check sums – used for documenting data integrity.
Technical Part 11 compliance, and supported by vendor documentation.

Usage samples
  • Transfer batch reports to a secure share when generated
  • Documented daily backup
  • Transfer of raw data
  • Audit trail archiving
  • Backup of data

Data sheet SOCopy_datasheet_07.2018.pdf
Documentation Application form

Requests, Featurs or issues
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